Made to measure

Massanfertigung bei GUWI Frontansicht Made to measure – at no added cost!

To have your outfit made to measure, follow the steps below. Measure on bare skin (if possible, have someone else take measure). Run the tape measure across the skin flat and snug, but not too tight.
Massanfertigung bei GUWI Rückenansicht
Massanfertigung bei GUWI Masken

PDF Massanfertigung Measure PDF Sheet (2,3 MB) PDF Massanfertigung

It's so easy: get your outfit made to measure in just four steps.

  1. Order your outfit from the online store via phone, fax, email or just using the shop function.
  2. Please print out and fill in the pdf sheet found here.
  3. Send us the sheet by fax, email or post.
  4. After receiving payment and sheet, we will create your outfit using the information you provided.